Referral Services

Many local and state public agencies, not-for-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and private sector groups provide a wide range of very helpful services for people in need.  While some of these agencies disseminate information effectively in neighborhoods, in many instances those in need don’t have complete information on these services because:

(1) the agency provides information only on their websites or brochures, and the people in need don’t have either computers or the brochures; or
(2) individuals in need do not know how to reach the agency or who to contact within the agency; or
(3) language barriers limit communication with the agency’s staff.

NOC will overcome these barriers and provide the connection between those in need and service providers.

The Referral Services Coordinator will manage this important program.  Martha Cordoba, who is bilingual, will:

(a) identify and develop a data base of important agencies that provide social and economic services;

(b)  maintain a web-based “Referral Services” platform;

(c)  manage a “Referral Desk” at NOC ‘s office to respond by phone to inquiries about services by individuals in distressed neighborhoods;

(d) develop flyers and brochures about NOC’s referral services for dissemination in neighborhoods; and

(e)  implement workshops in neighborhoods to explain the referral service to individuals.

To email the Referral Services Coordinator, click on: , or phone her at the NOC Hilton Head Office: 681-4100.